Thursday, 21 June 2012

Making sense of recipes - conversion charts

I love to try new recipes and the internet has some fabulous sources of new and varied things to try. But I am forever having to convert between units... its incredible how many different types there are out there.
To get the chart as a PDF please click the download here.

Until the world decides to settle on one thing (well that would be a boring day), I have created a conversion chart for all the common units I come across. I use grams and ml most of the time, and top that off with my measuring spoons (teaspoons and their various fractions, and tablespoons). Recipes of 'sticks of butter' and cups always confuse me. I have 'cups' but I believe they are metric cups! I didn't even know this. 

So I've created a chart which will sit on the inside of one of kitchen cabinets so that I can quickly convert without the calculator! 

If you would like a copy feel free to click the download below. I might make charts of different colours so requests are welcome!

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