Friday, 15 June 2012

The desk challenge

So most of the time my desk at work looks like this:

(Actually normally it is a lot lot worse!)

Last time I 'tidied' my desk (i.e. searched around frantically for a piece of paper I'd lost) I found all sorts of things that should have been 'handled' or 'dealt with' weeks ago. Oops! I also have a habit of letting my 'treecycler' (yes my employer provides lovely desktop facilities for paper recycling) get so full it spills over onto the rest of the desk. (Despite being environmentally conscious our employer has yet to convince the cleaner to empty the treecyclers as well as the bin. We are supposed to empty the treecyclers ourselves - not too arduous as there is a large bin just 3 steps from my office door!)

So the next challenge is to tidy the desk and keep it tidy.

The challenge:
1. At the end of every working week tidy the desk.
2. Empty the paper recycling into the large bin.
3. Update to-do list with any paperwork not dealt with earlier in the week.

Easy right? 

This is how we fare this Friday afternoon:

And I even managed to empty the paper:

Now I just need to add cleaning mugs to the list and I will start to enjoy Monday mornings a little more!

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