Friday, 29 June 2012

The email challenge - complete!

Three weeks ago I set myself an email challenge. And I am happy to say that I now have an inbox under control!

There are 10 messages in my inbox, all acting as reminders for imminent events or things that really really should be sorted before filing (because otherwise I will never sort them). Unfortunately this includes things from 2011, but thats a different problem! Hopefully seeing them in my inbox daily will prompt me into sorting them out. They aren't particularly serious (well they wouldn't be after a year would they?), but I know if I file them away they will never be seen again!

Another interesting snippet - I have worked out that I get 300 emails on average per day! I knew it was a lot, but really. I guess most people are in that position. It meant that in just one week, despite deleting spam, shopping emails etc. I had 80 new 'important' emails in my inbox at the end of the week. I guess that is why it got so out of control.

So my next challenge will be to start figuring out a way to reduce my email quantity, both by unsubscribing to emails that I really am not interested in (Groupon, why groupon?!) and going through folders and purging things from years ago. But that is for another day.

Happy weekend everyone!

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