Saturday, 16 June 2012

Inbox update

So the first Friday challenge has been and gone... the desk is tidy(ish) and the inbox has been tackled. Yes. Tackled. Successfully!!

I can reveal that I am down to 211 emails in the inbox. That's 134 less than when I posted the challenge on Thursday! Whooop. And a great whopping 84 emails sorted (mainly trashed to be honest) than I had set out to do. Admittedly this week was easy because I was a little selective and just deleted easily identifiable targets rather than categorising and sorting through the mounds of emails. But still it is a start.

Lets just recap that.
134 emails sorted in week 1!!!

 If you are wanting more tips on how to sort those emails, and figuring out what sort of email-inbox person you are check out these tips:

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