Pass the caffeine is all about me, Rose Wight, and my attempts to sort myself out! No seriously, I need sorting out. 'Pass the caffeine' is a reference to my apparent coffee addiction (to be fair I'm fine with the decaf), but I'm yet to be more efficient with the help of coffee. Though it is entirely possible I'd be even less organised and more inefficient if I gave up my coffee!

I've always wanted to be organised, and bizarrely, when I was a student all my flatmates thought I was incredibly organised, but actually I am just really good at bluffing. Well things must change. The better half (Mr Pass-The-Caffeine) is not very good at being organised either. I seem to end up reminding to do things before deadlines, and generally making sure he gets to work in the morning with everything he needs. However, when my life gets stressful I forget his things and barely sort my own out. The motivation to getting organised is really not about making day to day life simpler (though hopefully it will) but making it easier to get through the busy times when we just don't have a moment left over for anything other than work.

So here I am, putting my heart, thoughts and misfortunes out onto the big wide internet. I hope that by sharing I will stay motivated, gain insights from other people, and perhaps share something useful! If not, maybe its just good for a little laugh (served up with some coffee and a lovely biscuit naturally).

Thank you for stopping by and having a look at my blog. If there is anything you would like to see included leave me a comment or drop an email.


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