Monday, 14 January 2013

2013 Planner and Organiser - finally revealed

Hello! Well I have finally put the finishes touches to my 2013 planner. I have already been using it, but I decided on a few tweaks before I shared it with you. I have played with the colours to get them to look better once printed and finally persuaded my brand new printer to do what I want! No easy task. Its a lovely printer, but apparently double sided A5-printing that is the correct orientation is beyond my capabilities!

So here we are my lovely, shiny organiser. I've printed it A5, as I have a nice (Martha Stewart) binder that fits perfectly in my handbag. Each month starts with a calendar:

Then we get the week in a double page spread, with a notes section, an 'actions' (basically a nicer way of saying 'to-do'). At the top of the right hand side of the spread there is also a nice little section showing the previous month, current month and next month, so at a glance I can tell where we are and what day of the week a particular date is.

Of course, this organiser would not be complete without some other basics. Firstly, a blog planning page, again with lots of space for notes and ideas that might not immediately fit in the current week. There is a meal plan page, with a handy grocery list printed on the back so the whole thing can be taken out the binder as appropriate:

And finally, in attempt to put some order into my chaotic life a cleaning schedule:

I have had an informal cleaning schedule for years, but having it written down will hopefully mean that I finish it more frequently! Fingers crossed!

And dear readers, because it took me sooooo long to make these up, I thought I would share them with you. Hopefully this will help someone else avoid the time it took me.


You can download the January 2013 planner and associated documents here. The rest of the year will shortly follow (once I create the PDFs!).`

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  1. hi..... is really nice but can u pleas put all of the months cause i would like to prite it thx!!!!!!


    1. i would like it if u put it today s fast as possibel thx

  2. do u have it for 2014 ????