Friday, 11 January 2013

Apologies for the silence

Sorry for the silence the last few days, but I've been down with something not nice! I've spent most of this week in bed, and so I am way behind on my plans for the pending house move.

However, hopefully this weekend (bug dependent) I will bring you my first taste of house move packing! Yes it is 3 months until we move (well a bit less than that now), but you can never start too early. I also have a little information about sorting out your study space.

In the meantime, I thought I would share with you a few updates on the house. We have a move in date of 28th March (the day before Good friday). I am not sure we will move *on* the 28th as we are still renting and able to overlap if we want. However, moving on 28th would allow us to be in the house and unpacking for Easter, which is quite appealing, even though it will mean boxes everywhere. But we would be unpacking rather than packing! I'm also pessimistic that things will actually complete on 28th. A couple of our friends were due to move today, and have had to cancel everything because the exchange couldn't happen and it has put them in an awful state of limbo. They have had to arrange another day off work, reorganise the removal company, get someone to take the kids and pets for yet another day. It gets quite stressful. And they aren't the only ones. Selling Mr PTC's old house, that was empty and we weren't living in, failed on the first attempt and was moved from a Friday to the following Monday. So I think we might just hold off until after Easter. Just in case! That means I can go in and give the place a really thorough clean before actually moving if things do complete on time.

We are also looking more seriously at using a company for the entire move because it isn't as expensive as we thought (once you get them out for a piano anyway). So there is lots of news and thoughts and processing going on round here!

So come back over the weekend and hopefully I will have a couple of interesting organisation posts for you all.

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