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Moving house guide week 1: brainstorming

First things first, Happy new year! I hope 2012 didn't treat you too badly and that you are all looking forward to a fresh and exciting 2013. If not, don't worry too much!

As promised earlier in the week I am starting 2013 with my guide to house moving. I'm fairly experienced at moving house, having lived at 6 addresses in 10 years. This should make me a pro right? Far far from it I'm afraid. My moves have gradually become bigger and bigger over the years. Gone are the days where everything fitted in a car (Who am I kidding? My Dad hired a van to take me to University because I had so much stuff!). This time I have a real dilemma as to whether we hire a removal company. Its only a 10 mile move, but we have sooooo much stuff... and a piano. My brother in law has kindly offered his services and assures me that he can move the piano with my hubby, but well, I'm not so sure. That's a bridge to cross in the future.

Anyway, to the move itself. Yes it is 3 months away, but given as how we know it will happen (subject to everything going to plan at least), I'm starting now. However hard a try I always run out of time for packing/planning and there is always a last minute rush! I don't know why, but there is. This year, it will be calm (ahem), planned, and vaguely sensible.

The first thing I am doing, as I have the luxury of time, is a plan. I started by brainstorming all the things I think I need to do/remember/organise before and after moving day. This is the starting point for my plan. Because I'm a jotter and an editor, a cross-er-outer and generally don't like mess, I'm doing this electronically. I have been known to throw away and re-write a perfectly good handwritten list because of typo. So electronic saves me time and sanity. However, please feel free to jot down on a piece of paper; do a brainstorm with a big circle in the middle like you did at school. They really do work!
My brainstorm

My brainstorm started out as above. I'm adding to it... slowly but surely, and no doubt I will continue for at least the next month or so.

I now need to turn this into some sort of plan, organised by time and function. For this I am going to create a special section in my home management binder, or possible in a binder all of itself to keep all house-move stuff together. I haven't quite decided yet. However, at least this lays out where I am right now.

There are two things that I am starting right now, before I finalise the move-plan. Firstly, eating my way through our freezer - there is a lot of food in there! And secondly, writing down every little last bit of post that comes through the door. I'll tell you more about the tactics for handling these two things in the coming days.

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