Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Meal planning for 22nd - 28th August

You might have noticed a little bit of a silence around here recently. Sorry, I've just been completely snowed under at work, and I haven't even managed to stay on top of my community association work. One thing I do need to do is a meal plan to make sure Mr PTC and I at least eat in the next 7 days. This week I am trying to keep it super-simple and using up some of my frozen meals to reduce how much time I need to spend in the kitchen. This also means a tiny shopping trip which is good news for both my busy schedule and my wallet!

I do have some other blog posts to share with you, but none of the projects are finished so I'm afraid they will have to wait for a short while. Hopefully soon I will get some of my time back.

For now, here is my meal plan for this week.

Meal plan 22nd - 28th August

Wednesday 22nd August
Lunch: Turkey sandwiches
Dinner: Cullen skink (from the freezer) (fish)

Thursday 23rd August
Lunch: Ham and salad sandwiches
Dinner: Vegetable stir fry (vegan)

Friday 24th August
Lunch: Ham, tomato and cheese wraps
Dinner: Chinese coconut chicken soup (from the freezer) (chicken)

Saturday 25th August
Lunch: Tagliatelle with cheese and tomatoes
Dinner: Lemon, herb and cheese encrusted fish with salad (fish)

Sunday 26th August
Lunch: Salad
Dinner: Roast chicken (chicken)

Monday 27th August
Lunch: Leftover roast chicken thighs with salad
Dinner: Chicken Caeser salad, using leftover roast chicken (chicken)

Tuesday 28th August
Lunch: Salad and ham wraps
Dinner: Risotto (vegan)

Both the soups are from the freezer this week (I just need to add noodles to the chicken soup). All in all this is a really simple week. I also have to confess I have deliberately chosen dishes where I have everything in except the fresh salad (I have whole chickens in the freezer, lots of cheese in for some reason, wraps and everything). My shopping should just involve a quick trip to the farm shop for salad and vegetables and I will be done! However, just in case anyone else is using these plans I have posted my 'shopping list' below anyway.

Store cupboard
To buy

Arborio rice
Two fish fillets
Cullen skink from the freezer
75g cheese
Coconut chicken soup from freezer
Salad leaves for three meals
1 onion
Salad vegetables for two meals
1 whole chicken
Cumin seeds
75g watercress
Olive oil
2 red pepper
50g breadcrumbs
Root ginger
Cherry tomatoes
Salt and pepper
100g thin rice noodles
2 cloves garlic
4 carrots
25g pine nuts
1 parsnip
Sesame oil
1 sweet potato
Rice vinegar
1 stalk celery
Hoisin Sauce
1 sweet pepper
Soy Sauce
4 bread rolls


So that is it for this week. And actually I need only a  few items from the right column and some milk. Excellent! 

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