Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The path of least resistance

One of the major changes in my life that has led to less clutter, more things put away and more chores being completed is choosing suitable locations to store items. Strangely I had never thought of this until Mr PTC pointed out one day that keeping my makeup in the bathroom was bonkers when I continually left it out in the bedroom where I actually applied my makeup (lighting, space etc. etc. you get the picture). So gradually we've been re-evaluating things. I thought I'd take sometime to list a few things we have changed. It is still a work in progress however, with new items added to the list weekly, and many jobs 'pending'.

1. Relocate keys to by the backdoor. I loose my keys frequently, because I never put them on the shelf by the front door where they are supposed to live! We enter/exit the house by the back door (actually the side door!), and so we need a place to put the keys by that door. This is 'pending'  because I have some crafty ideas for cute little key hooks up my sleeve! For now the kitchen counter will suffice!

2. Handbag and rucksacks. These originally lived in the bedroom but were left all over the house, never making it anywhere near the bedroom. So for now they live near the kitchen door, ready for 'lift-off' each morning. They don't get in the way, its not very tidy looking, but they have a location... and they can easily be gathered up and shoved in a cupboard should the in-laws visit (I don't bother trying to impress my parents - they know me too well already).

One day I'll have a 'launch pad' with space for keys, handbags, shoes and coats. In the meantime I'll just keep pinning the ideas!

3. Recycling. We have a lovely Brabantia stainless steal bin for waste... and we used to have a smelly carrier bag next to it for recycling. Delightful. Especially as when you are trying to tidy up, do the dishes and get out the door who has time to open a smelly bag and pop in the recycling? It was just too frustrating. We solved the problem by using a small laundry basket placed behind the bin. It isn't beautifully pretty or anything, but now everything gets put in there straightaway and then before recycling collections on Monday morning I just take the box into the garage and sort it into the two recycling collection bins. Easy peasy. There's also a designated spot for the compost bin next to it too!

4. The lawnmower. To me mowing the lawn is a lot like vacuuming. Dreadful. Mind you at least it smells nice and you are outside. We have a tiny lawn and to be quite honest it takes longer to get the machine out and put it away than to actually mow. To improve the probability of actually mowing the lawnmower is now stored at the front of the shed (easier to access and less likely to get blocked in!) and an extension lead is kept by the utility room door where we plug it in. Two to-do jobs for Mr PTC include providing a large hanging bracket for the mower in the shed (its a teeny weeny little thing so hangs quite nicely!) and some sort of peg for the extension lead as it currently sits on the washing machine (not exactly tidy).

So there we are... just a few ways to make us more likely to put things away and to actually achieve tasks. Or as Mr PTC refers to it 'remove some of the inertia'.

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