Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Bin for the car

So I've been putting this post off for ages because I keep forgetting to take a picture of the finished article! Never mind. I'll get to that at some point... we will proceed with no photo-finish.

So part of my car challenge was to sort out a bin. And well. I've sorted it!

The hard part was figuring out what to use. I've attempted to use bins before... they always end up on the back seat, up-ended, spilling their contents and generally not being used. Helpful? I think not. So the real challenge to this was finding a receptical that would actually stay in the front seat, be accessible enough to be used so that we don't fill the car doors with lots of sweet wrappers, dirt, grit, tissues and general nastiness.

Luckily for me this new superb car of ours has a little 'coin tray' behind the central console. Weird I know. But its a nice little space asking for something to go in it. Step up the milk carton please.

So to replicate my fantastic pathetic erm craft, take a 4 litre milk bottle. Give it a good thorough sterilise as you don't want it getting smelly from milky residues (I left it full of a mild bleach solution for 24 hours), dry thoroughly (unlike the photo which is still dripping), and take out your scissors.

Remember to remove the label!
I cut the bottle roughly in half which gives a decent sized bin for a car (if you have children you might need something bigger unless you are super organised and empty the bin after every sticky-fingered trip!). The edges were quite sharp so I took some sticky tape to the edge to finish it off. Et voila! One car bin!

I'll add a photo if/when I get around to taking one!

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