Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Drying lavender

One of the many tasks I completed in August but never had a chance to share was the simple, but very pleasurable task of drying some lavender. Summer came late, in fact it only arrived last week, so our lavender didn't produce flower heads until mid-August. I've never known lavender blossom so late. Luckily for me summers tardiness actually benefitted me this time as it meant I had time to collect some lavender.

I always try and get a few bunches of lavender every year to include in pot pourri or sew into a small cushion. This year I hope to make a small pillow as a sleep aid.

Drying lavender couldn't be simpler. The key thing is to collect it when it is dry (hmm perhaps not so easy given this summer), and not in the hottest weather (i.e. not the middle of the day). Ideally collect in the morning after the dew has risen, or in the evening before the sun sets and the dew falls. Only pick steps where the flowers haven't opened as this provides the best smell later on.

Once collected tie the lavender in bunches and leave somewhere dry to dry out. A month or so later and you will have lots of lavender to use around the home.

Oddly, the smell of the lavender is pretty timid when it is cut unopened and you might think you have done the wrong thing. Don't worry, it gets stronger as the flowers dry out. The smell in our kitchen (the only place I had to dry the lavender) is quite strong now even though when I first put them up I could only smell it when I brushed the flowers.

I realise this is too late for pretty much everybody interested in drying lavender this summer, but maybe some of you will come back next year to take a look.

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